Valheim: Hearth and Home Features New Food Mechanics

In Valheim’s present state, merely shoveling food into your throat will grant you equal portions of HP and stamina. However, that will shift with the system introduced in Hearth and Home. Food will eventually be categorized into three sections: foods that promote health, foods that promote endurance, and foods that promote both.

Food Categories

  • A colored fork symbol will indicate the various criteria  A countdown system is replacing the food bar and will signify how long the foods could last.
Health Stamina Health + Stamina
  • A few gamers are wondering if the renewed emphasis on health over stamina would be useful. For instance, in a brawl, you’ll need a lot from both HP and stamina.
  • So, you may need to feast on a variety of foods to have the perfect blend – which might lead to gamers only munching balanced foods or staying to a three-food combo that will max out their numbers. Which doesn’t necessarily motivate gamers to mix and match foods.

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