Valheim Patch 0.204.4 Bug Fixes and Improvements

Valheim Patch 0.204.4 Bug Fixes and Improvements

Valheim is probably the best early access game we have seen in a while. Even though it’s around 70% complete, it has garnered a lot of love from the fans and a lot of critical acclaims as well. It has been nominated for various awards and features a solid rating of 9+ on almost all major media sites. It was released earlier this year and since then the game has grown tremendously.

Recently the Hearth and Home update were released which brought a lot of improvements, new food, new items, new building materials, and some great gameplay enhancements. The game is getting better and better with every update, and it might end up being the best in the biz. It is already one of the best survival games in the world and its future seems very bright. In its commitment to making the game more amazing, Iron Gate has released yet another minor update in the form of patch 0.204.4. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

What’s New?

Being a minor update, it doesn’t feature many new things but that doesn’t mean nothing has been added. Devs always add something or the other to every update so that fans experience at least something new. Here’s what’s new this time:

  • Discovery music has been added to some locations in the Black Forest, but it still needs some more work
  • Clutter from spawning in Mistlands has been removed making it a bit empty now

That’s pretty much it as this update focuses more on bug fixes and improvements which can be checked in the following sections.


Being an early access game, it is still a little unfinished and fans keep finding new bugs and reporting them to the devs. After all, that is exactly the purpose of early access – finding what and where to fix and improve. So, the following are the bugfixes implemented in this update:

  • Fixed Jack-o-turnip cover offset
  • Wet doesn’t affect spirit damage any longer
  • Fixed HP regen on mobs & bosses as they were regenerating faster than intended
  • Also fixed the Tarpits spawn as in some edge cases they spawned on the edge between two biomes


  • Updated unity engine which will fix random crashes related to pathfinding
  • Optimization of comfort calculation performance
  • The status effect is shown by Mead based on the tooltip
  • Updated localization, fixed build menu overlapping & added missing localization strings

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