Valheim Update Patch 0.205.5, Abomination and Root Armor

Even though Valheim is around 70% complete, it has garnered a lot of love from the fans and a lot of critical acclaim as well. It has been nominated for various awards and features a solid rating of 9+ on almost all major media sites. It was released earlier this year and since then the game has grown tremendously. Recently the Hearth and Home update were released which brought a lot of improvements, new food, new items, new building materials, and some great gameplay enhancements.

The game is getting better and better with every update, is already one of the best survival games in the world. In its commitment to making the game more amazing, Iron Gate has released yet another minor update in the form of patch 0.205.5. Though it sounds like a minor update, it brings along pretty major stuff. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Bug Fixes

Let’s quickly talk about bug fixes and improvements, which is the basic significance of Valheim’s early access:

  • Fixed network issue when picking up items that just auto-stacked
  • Location music transition fixes
  • Swamps music volume tweak
  • Some player animation transition fixes
  • Monsters wake up if hit by a ranged attack
  • Jump animation issue fixed
  • Console command auto-complete help

New Creature

Valheim update patch notes mention “something stirs up in the swamp”. Well, we are going to tell you exactly what it is but if you don’t want to read, quit now. The new creature introduced in the brutal world of Valheim is called “Abomination”. It is a huge wood-like spider that will act as a mini-boss in the swamps, like trolls in the Black Forest.

Swamps already are debatably the toughest biomes in Valheim, majorly because it is a huge jump from the Meadows and the Black Forest. Swamps are where Valheim gets extremely brutal and almost all players have died here many times. If Skeletons, Draugrs, Surtlings, Wraiths, Leeches, and Blobs weren’t enough, now you also have Abomination.

New Armor

With a new mini-boss comes a new armor set, so with the drops from Abomination, you can craft a Root Armor. This is similar to how you can craft Troll Hide Armor from the drops by Trolls. You’ll need Roots after defeating a few Abominations to craft this armor set. You’ll look like Groot but will unlock some special abilities.

Root Legging, Root Harnesk, and Root Helmet are the three pieces of this armor. You will also require some Ancient Bark and Deer Hide to craft each piece of the armor. It has similar buff and stats as the bronze level 1 armor but will provide you an archery buff. The bows will cause 15 more damage when you equip all the parts of this armor.

Apart from that, it provides you resistance against the poison which is insanely useful in the Swamps. On the downside, it doesn’t protect as much as Iron Armor and is weak in the fire. So, watch out for those Surtlings while wearing this armor in the Swamps.

That’s pretty much it from this particular update but the Mistlands update will be coming really soon. So, a whole new biome awaits you and you’ll be able to explore it pretty soon

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