Valorant Agent 21 expects to arrive soon. Here is what we know so far.

Valorant: Agent 21

Currently, Valorant has 20 agents with 19 being playable (Agent 8 is still unknown). This will change soon as Agent 21 expects to join other agents this coming August 2022. A known leaker @Valorleaks Twitter account also provided the Codename: Mage for the upcoming new agent which opens up speculations.

Valorant has 4 general categories for its agents. These are Duelists, Controller, Initiators, and Sentinels. If codename Mage is to be deduced into one of these categories, it would be under the Controllers. Aside from only having four agents at the moment, controllers focus on taking out the enemy’s vision, controlling an area, and leading enemies into choke points.

Valorant Agent List by Category
Duelists Controllers Initiators Sentinels Unknown
Phoenix Brimstone Sova Killjoy Agent 8
Jett Viper Breach Cypher Agent 21
Reyna Omen Skye Sage
Raze Astra KAY/O Chamber
Yoru Fade


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One can argue that mages can also fit as Sentinel Agents. However, traditionally in games, Mages are typically the Controllers. This is besides the fact that Riot also takes inspiration from League of Legends for Valorant Agents like Neon.

In terms of skills, there are uncertainties about whether the new agent will have modern tech or straight-out mage powers.

That is all we know and speculated so far from the upcoming Agent 21.
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Meanwhile, here are the most recent updates for Valorant’s Episode 5 Act I which will 
  • Along with the recent update, rank reset commenced.
  • The game has added a three-laned strategic map called Pearl which will require agents to survive without depending on doors, ascenders, or teleporters.
  • Ascendant rank joins the ranking system in between Diamond and Immortal Rank.
  • Episode 5 Act I Battle Pass is available from the 22nd of Juneuntil the 31st of August 2022. This includes Shimmer Classic, Operation: Vacation Player Card, and Perfect Pattern Gun Buddy. The Battle Pass Skins include Task Force 809 Phantom, Spitfire Operator, or the Cat Tactics Gun Buddy.
  • Valorant Crossover Event starting 22nd of June until 12th of July 2022.
    • After three weeks of play, players can unlock seven levels and obtain all the items on the event pass. Dimensional and Double Agent are two of the titles included in the pass. It also brings a new method for accumulating some additional Radianite points.
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Agent 21 Codename: Mage expects to join the First Light World during this Episode 5. Make sure to stay tuned to be updated! If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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