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Initially, Yoru is one of the most underappreciated agents in VALORANT’s competitive scene, is getting a huge overhaul. Riot Games has then detailed the modifications for Yoru in Episode 4, Act 2. Yoru has struggled to find his footing in the Valorant meta since his release owing to the predictability of his skills and the capacity of other agents to do so much more.

The Valorant dev team announced big impending reworks to the disappearing agent which may just make Yoru more of a meta.

Major Rework

In a State of the Agent post on the game’s official website, VALORANT Producer John Gosicki and Game Designer Ryan Cousart described how they’re giving Yoru a substantial overhaul for the upcoming Act.

Two abilities will be changed as a result of the rework: Fakeout and his ultimate Dimensional Rift.

Fakeout, an ability that now misleads foes by simulating the sound of Yoru’s footsteps, will now be “a full copy of Yoru, that runs forward, and when damaged, explodes and debuffs enemies,”  rather than merely the directional sound of footsteps.

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Yoru Rework List

  • Footsteps has now a new visual, a Yoru clone that rushes ahead and, when shot, winds up and explodes, debuffing foes.
  • They reduce the enemies’ ability to see and hear the tether on the map while it travels.
  • Tether travel speed has been increased by 20%.
  • Yoru may now use the tether to fake teleport by activating it from a distance. It’s with the same noise and images as if he were teleporting.
Dimensional Drift
  • Enemies are no longer able to see Yoru.
  • While in Dimensional Drift, Yoru can cast any utility spell.
  • Enemies can hear Yoru’s footsteps.
  • Nearsighted is eliminated.
  • They increase unequip delay time.
  • When casting Dimensional Drift, there is now a delay to prevent the invulnerability frame from casting.


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