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VALORANT is a 5V5 tactical FPS game created by Riot Games. This wonderful game features agents that have varying and unique skills which can be used during team fights.

Agents can be classified as CONTROLLERS, SENTINELS, INITIATORS, or the most aggressive ones, the DUELISTS.

With Valorant’s latest patch (4.04), the game greatly enhanced Brimstone’s Stim Beacon.

In the past, Stim Beacon was commonly used as a support tool. Once it is tossed in the ground, agents near the beacon will be granted additional rapid-fire and speed boost.

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Now, Brimstone’s cool skill does more than that. Since being enhanced, Stim Beacon can also speed-up agents’ abilities such as Yoru’s teleporting skill or most commonly known as Gatecrash.

Gamers have noticed a slight change of speed when releasing Gatecrash when affected by the Stim Beacon. Sometimes, the difference in time traveled by the skill becomes faster by more or less 1 second.

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The additional speed isn’t that much, but it can be a game-changer and can impact the outcome of the game. Opponents may get caught off guard with quick entries like this one.

Yoru, the cool guy from the bunch, is classified as a DUELIST who is created from the likeness of a native Japanese. He’s a great agent to be used for entry and engaging because of his skills (Fakeout, Blindside, Gatecrash, and Dimensional Rift).

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Since the update, Brimstone has been hugely buffed and is a must-have controller on your team. His smokes are extremely reliable, which is by the way long-lasting. However, it’s the Stim Beacon that will become a team’s X-Factor towards victory.

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