Valorant Coming to Mobile, All Details

Valorant Coming to Mobile, All Details

Within a year and a half, Valorant has rocked the gaming world, and it doesn’t seem like it will stop anytime soon. We have some amazing news for the Valorant fans, and some of you might be aware of it already. For those who aren’t, Valorant is all set to come to your mobile devices! Here’s what we know about it.

Valorant on Mobile

The first-person shooting game is already one of the top 10 trending PC games of the year. With as huge a player base as Valorant, any developer will look to expand. To your joy, Valorant is moving forward with its expansion plan which begins with bringing the game to mobile devices.

From PUBG and Call of Duty to Genshin Impact, every successful gaming franchise has expanded to mobile. These expansions proved very successful for them as in today’s fast-moving world, mobile games are much easier to access. Another popular game, Apex Legends, is also expanding to mobile devices. So, it makes a lot of sense for Valorant to do the same.

Also, it might prove to be an amazing experience playing a 5v5 game on a mobile device. On 2nd June 2021 Riot Games announced that they will be bringing the action-packed game to mobile devices. Now things are shaping up, though we don’t have much information about it yet. Here’s what we know so far.

About It

The game would most probably be simply called, Valorant Mobile. It is expected to launch sometime in 2021 and considering we have 4 months left in the year, some exciting news is just around the corner. If it is indeed supposed to be released in 2021, it is close to official teasers and trailer releases.

Also, Valorant Mobile is confirmed to be available for both iOS and Android. So that’s great news for Apple users, as recently Apple users have been facing difficulties with the availability of some popular games.

You can also pre-register for the game if you want and be the first one to play Valorant Mobile. Not many changes from the Console version are expected in the mobile version of the game. So, players shouldn’t face any problems with the interface. If anything, some new enhanced controls are expected in the mobile version.

You are up for some exciting news about Valorant Mobile in the upcoming weeks and months. We will be back with some more amazing information about the game as soon as we hear from Riot Games or leakers.

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