Photo Courtesy of Leny Arcilla (via Facebook)

Warning: Sad News ahead

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But, today, we hate to be the bearer of unfortunate news.

Just a few hours ago, a fellow gamer, Lance Arcilla, died at the young age of 21. His family and friends recently announced that the young man has passed away yesterday. This was then later confirmed by his mother, Leny Arcilla, with a Facebook post.

No further details were disclosed yet.

Leny Arcilla (Lance’s Mother) Facebook Post

Arcilla was the guy behind the iconic “Revive me Jett!” phrase in Valorant.

Back in 2020, the rant has gone viral and quickly became a meme all over the Valorant community.

Lance coined the rant during an actual match. His teammates were confused about why he wanted Jett, a duelist, to revive him since the only agent that has a resurrection skill is the sentinel Sage. It might have been meant to be a joke or for trolling his teammates, but it sure was super funny.

Lance Arcilla is a Filipino gamer who quickly became famous because of the meme. It even got recognition from Riot Games when they added a “Revive me Jett” spray in the game.

It was very saddening that he must leave this world at a very young age. After the heartbreaking news, condolences and support from the gaming community around the world poured in for Lance.

Even one of the top professional teams in Esports, Team Secret, paid their respect to the bereaved family and friends of Lance Arcilla.

Team Secret, Photo Courtesy of Team Secret (via Twitter)

Hopefully, Riot Games will acknowledge Arcilla’s contribution to the game in the future. May he rest easy in paradise.

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