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One of the most underpowered Sentinels in Valorant is confirmed to be getting a buff in a later update. Sentinels play an important part in every match, especially in fighting off flanking agents. However, one Sentinel in particular has been underperforming with his weak kit. Thankfully, a character designer for Valorant revealed that Riot definitely has plans to give Cypher a much-needed buff. Once Cypher gets his buff, will he be the new Meta? Keep on reading to find out more about how Cypher can possibly change the game in Valorant!

This news comes from the latest developer stream hosted by Valorant to celebrate the release of a new patch. Alexander Mistakidis, a character designer on the game promised viewers that they are working on buffing Cypher. Although exact details about the buff weren’t revealed on the stream, maybe they will reverse some of the nerfs Cypher has gone through since his release.

Will Cypher be the new Meta in Valorant after his buff?

A brief history of Cypher nerfs

Back when Cypher was first added to the game, a lot of players were excited to try him out. He proved to be a valuable addition to any team but over time, Riot has introduced some pretty unfair nerfs to his character. Because of these nerfs, his pick rate went down until eventually, other Sentinels were being chosen over him.

  • Cypher received a very significant nerf back in patch 1.11 of Valorant. Before this patch, Cypher was everyone’s go-to Sentinel agent because of his abilities
  • When playing as Cypher, you don’t have to worry about dying early on in the game as long as you have a good set-up
  • If Cypher dies in the middle of a match, his Trapwire and Spycam were still accessible
  • Riot decided his agent was becoming too overpowered with these abilities so Cypher mains were forced to play more passively

  • After patch 1.11, both of Cypher’s Trapwire and Spycam gadgets were disabled and the enemy team will also know their locations if this agent dies
  • Further nerfs made it impossible to have sneaky lineups when playing as Cypher. This led to fewer players picking him during matches

Players should expect something “more interesting” once Cypher gets his buff

During the developer stream commemorating the new act and chapter in Valorant, it was announced that Cypher is getting buffed in a later patch update. Alexander Mistakidis, a character designer for the game, took some time to discuss the current state of the agents.

Mistakidis focused on how weak Cypher’s kit has gotten over time and assured players that the agent will get buffed again soon. In his exact words, here is what Mistakidis had to say about the Cypher buff:

“Something that players can look forward to is we are buffing cypher. that will be coming soon. we’ll probably put something more interesting”

The character designer didn’t share specific details about what buffs Cypher will be getting. All we know so far is that leakers have first claimed that this was happening, and now we have official confirmation from Riot. We can expect more information to come once the Cypher adjustments and buffs go live in Valorant’s PBE.

Episode 5, Act 3 of Valorant is now live across all servers

The latest patch update in Valorant introduces some changes to Pearl as well as the addition of a new Controller agent. One interesting detail about Harbor, the newest agent in Valorant, is his ability to mark the locations of enemies. Similar to Cypher’s Ultimate where he wants you to give him a corpse, Harbor can pin the exact location of enemies with his Ultimate.

Valorant Cypher buff details and more Is he the new Meta - Harbor
Image Courtesy of Valorant

It will definitely be interesting to see how the new agent can change up the Meta. As for Cypher, we’re also looking forward to the changes his character will get. Will he be one of the top-picked Sentinels again? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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What buffs do you think Cypher will get in Valorant? Will he change the balance in Valorant and be the new Meta? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! If you have other questions about Riot Games’ competitive shooter game, feel free to also drop them down below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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