Valorant Daedalus

Hey, players! Up for a piece of Valorant news? In case you have missed it, Valorant may have just leaked a new skin this August. Yes, numerous players have read through the thread as it has other information on the game’s development. As you can see, Riot Games deleted the Twitter thread on the same day, August 12. This (probable) accident excites fans and players about the possible upcoming Valorant’s Daedalus skin bundle! Well, you may want to read more about the leaked information here, so stick around with us!

Daedalus skin possibly coming to Valorant

The original tweet from Valorant’s official Twitter may have been deleted, however, @ValorLeaks quite had a hand on the piece of information. According to the removed post, Daedalus was a concept originally from the Valorant Beta release. You may refer to the Tweet below!

  • Moreover, the specific skin was shown by a known leaker, xtr, on YouTube. Based on those leaks, there are three possible types and other weapons that can have the said skin aside from the Vandal weapon. You can view the leaked Vandal skins via xtr’s Tweet just below!

  • Unfortunately, there is no official announcement yet on the skin bundle. However, people speculate that the new Valorant skin comes on August 26. This is probably right after the release of the Reaver 2.0 on Valorant’s shop since the in-game store allows a new bundle after an old one’s duration’s over.
  • On the other hand, about Valorant’s Daedalus, the earlier rumor is this skin bundle is to be a Battle Pass exclusive. Although at present, the speculations going around is for the newest bundle to be available for purchase as a Premium or Exclusive skin on the game. Additionally, we can wait for the official release as Valorant may add a few changes to the Daedalus skin bundle’s name.

More about the Daedalus Skinline

As for the possible prices of the skin bundle, we can expect the exact number when it drops on the in-game store. As of now, we can only estimate the price which may be around 7100 to 8100 VP. Well, currently we have to wait for the official announcement of the release too.

Valorant Daedalus
Screengrab Image Courtesy of xtr via YouTube
  • If you reread the deleted Tweet from the user ValorLeaks screenshot, you can see that the developers described the skinline as a god-like piece of weaponry. We can’t wait to play with the upcoming skin on Valorant!

More about Valorant’s Skinline

If you are not familiar with Valorant’s skins or skinline, we’ll briefly introduce them to you here. You may proceed to read below to know different pieces of information about the skins, the types, prices, and such.

  • Firstly, there are five different types of skin editions in the game. These are written from the simplest to the highest tier: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra. Moreover, all Melee skins classify under the Exclusive skin edition, just for additional information. You may refer to the specified icons per skin edition below.
Valorant skin editions
Image Courtesy of Valorant
  • Certainly, prices vary on the difference of editions if you purchase. The lowest-priced skin edition costs 875 VP, 1275 VP, 1775 VP, 2175 or 2675 VP, and 2475 VP, respectively. The melee price doubles the gun prices at 1750 VP, 2550 VP, 3550 VP, 4350 or 5350 VP, and 4950 VP, respectively.
  • Basically, you can say that Valorant does have evolving skins. Although, this does not apply to all their weapons and skinlines. As to where to buy these skins, you may purchase them at the in-game store. You can buy a skin for a gun in particular, while you can also buy a bundle for a huge addition to your collection. Most of the bundle includes a melee skin, by the way!

Reaver 2.0

  • Moreover, if you have encountered the Legend skins, well they do exist in the game. However, these are limited edition skins and made available during their initial release. Also, this edition is mostly released from special-edition bundles or as Prime Gaming rewards.
  • While you are here, we’ll write down a few skinline for each edition mentioned above. First, the Select edition: Infantry, Luxe, and Rush. Next, Deluxe edition skins are as follows: Avalanche, Prism, and Sakura skinline. Thirdly, the Premium edition includes the following: Celestial, Gaia’s Vengeance, and Nebula.
  • Second to the last is the Exclusive edition like the following: Glitchpop, RGX 11Z Pro 2.0, and Singularity. Lastly, the Ultra edition skins are as follows: Zedd X Valorant SPECTRUM (if we are not mistaken, this is the most expensive skin in the game), and Enderflame.

Reaver 2.0: Valorant’s latest skinline

  • While waiting for Valorant’s Daedalus, you may want to set your eyes on the recently released Reaver 2.0. The skinline includes the Reaver Karambit Reaver Ghost, Reaver Odin, Reaver Phantom, and Reaver Spectre. You can view the Tweet below.

  • You may also want to read the developers’ statement upon the return of the Reaver on Valorant on their official website. They said, “We’ve seen so many of you in our own games use the OG Reaver skins and it’s been such a thrill to see pros use it during esports tournaments (remember, we weren’t even sure if our top players would want to use premium skins due to gameplay concerns). And we’ve put so much love and care into this skin set in hopes of pleasing all of you. That’s why we hope to see you all fall in love with this new Reaver set just like we have (especially the karambit white variant, which has become a dev team favorite—we literally got a message today that said “it is so sick holy smokes”).

We do hope we can see the newest skinline weeks from now on Valorant!

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