Valorant Devs Finally Fix “Consecutive Map Streak” Issue

One of the problems players in Valorant encounter is playing the same maps over and over again. In a recent blog post, Riot Games revealed that they introduced a fix to the “consecutive map streak” issue players face. Read on to find out more.

In a recent survey, Valorant devs were surprised to hear about this issue

Riot conducted a survey back in March wherein they asked for players’ feedback on their match experiences so far in Valorant. The results revealed that 67 percent of players felt that they are “encountering the same map multiple times in a row”.

Valorant - Map Survey 1
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

From the feedback Riot Competitive team gathered from players, an alarming number of players feel extremely frustrated over the map selection issue. According to Riot Competitive team in their blog post, “over a third of Valorant players responded that it is ‘Extremely Frustrating’ to encounter the same map multiple times in a row.”

Moreover, Riot Competitive team member, Brian Chang also stated in the blog post that this was an error on their part. So to resolve this issue, Riot added a few tweaks here and there to make sure that the matching experience of all players is satisfactory.

According to Chang, Valorant devs “opted to create a deterministic choice that always selects the map that minimizes the streaks”. Moreover, he detailed that the system now automatically removes a certain map from a player’s selection pool if it shows up too often. Then, the game would choose which map all ten players in a lobby have played on the least.

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Riot predicted downsides to this fix for the “consecutive map streak” issue

Further into the blog post, Riot expressed that at first, they thought it would affect the matchmaking system in Valorant. First, it might affect queue times and dramatically increase queue times for players. Second, it can negatively affect match balance for a player. But thankfully, there are no reports from players about how this fix affects their matchmaking and queueing times.

Valorant - Map Survey 2
Image Courtesy of Riot Games

Moreover, it seemed that this fix presented the change Riot wanted for Valorant after that survey. As of April 2022, players were encountering and playing on a more diverse map selection pool compared to before. This is all based on the data presented by Riot Competitive team in their latest blog post.

And true enough, it seems the consecutive map streak issue in Valorant is no longer there. In the past matches we’ve hopped on in Valorant, we rarely ever get Breeze four times in a row now. Thankfully, Riot actually listens to their player base and introduces fixes, big or small, to problems players encounter.

You can read the full blog post here.

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