More exciting news awaits Valorant players! Riot Games level designer Joe Lansford says Valorant Fracture map changes are coming soon for the FPS game to improve quality of life and update areas at A and Dish. 

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Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. It was first teased under the codename Project A in October 2019. Then, the game began a closed beta period in April 2020. Finally, it was officially launched on June 2, 2020, and its fame has skyrocketed. According to Gameort, it became the second most concurrent viewers for any game on Twitch, with 1.73 million viewers tuning in various streams. 

From the release, Valorant first came up with four maps and ten Agents in the beta edition. Now, its great success led to nineteen Agents and seven maps by 2022. Valorant launched its seventh map, Fracture, alongside the release of Episode 3 Act 2. 

What was the concern with the Fracture map?

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  • The map lets players experience exploring an abandoned research facility. In addition, it also provides a concoction of close and long-range fights as well as unexpected ambushes. However, Fracture was removed within 48 hours of its release. There was a bug that caused the Spike to spawn underneath the map, which would make it impossible for offensive teams to retrieve it.

  • Riot Games fixed the issue and it was brought back. Unfortunately, after the map was added to the competitive queue, a lot of players started having mixed feelings about the map and not everyone in the community is a fan of Fracture. They think that Fracture favors the T-side. Thus, players have demanded changes to happen. 
  • In addition, Episode 5 introduced players to the new map Pearl. However, one of the beta maps, Split, was removed as a replacement. Developers mentioned during the start of Episode 5 that Split may return. Unfortunately, no news is official yet. 

What are the possible changes for Fracture in Valorant?

A TikTok post by the official Valorant user stated that the team is working to “flip the Neutral Space” for Fracture. Joe Lansford, the Design Lead on Valorant’s Maps and Modes, explained what Neutral Space is and what makes it difficult for defenders.


Why is Fracture different? 🤔 Joe Lansford explains. #VALORANT

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“Neutral Space is the territory between each team’s half of the map. So, attackers kind of own their attacker spawn area, defenders own the sites, and that kind of half the map. And, there’s generally the space in between, that sort of nebulous.”

Riot Games is highly considering making the map balanced for both attack and defense. As mentioned, flipping the Neutral Space would make it easier for defenders to hold sites or flank. Defenders will then have more control over the space they occupy.

However, a Twitter post reveals Lansford clarifying that they are not entirely reworking the map. The gameplay will remain the same, there will only be new updates to make the matches on Fracture more balanced and fair. 

Riot Games has yet to announce an official date for the updated Fracture. But Lansford made it official for the players to expect it “soon.” It is possible that the changes with Fracture will be part of the new agent Mage. However, this is simply an assumption.

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