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Did you know that there’s a Valorant Wordle available to play right now? Valorant is one of the most popular and fast-growing FPS games from Riot Games. Even though it was released just over a year ago, it’s no denying that it’s already made a mark in the gaming industry.

Image Courtesy of Riot Games

What is the game all about?

A Reddit user shared their project of a Wordle about Valorant over two weeks ago. Valorant player, u/lalexvak shared the link to the project on the official Valorant subreddit. Much like Wordle, the game has you guess a five-letter word related to Valorant and it gives you six tries.

Wordle Valorant from VALORANT

According to creator u/lalexvk, the game’s vocabulary consists of everything Valorant. From weapon names, maps, agents, and even map call-out, they want to make this the ultimate Valorant Wordle. However, it’s not as easy as it seems. Valorant has dozens of weapons, maps, agents, and game jargon that it would take a dedicated fan to guess the word of the day.

How do I play this Valorant Wordle game?

Much like the original Wordle, you try and guess the word in under six attempts. In the five blank tiles for each row, you can type in any word and press ‘enter’. Afterwards, the color of the boxes indicate if your guess is correct or close to correct. If a tile is green, it means the letter is in the right place. However, yellow signifies that the letter is in the word but in the wrong tile. And lastly, gray tiles indicate that the letter is not in the word.

But unlike the original Wordle where it’s any word, what you’re looking for in this version are Valorant terms. This Wordle game is definitely going to be a piece of cake for fans of the game. But if you’re just starting, we suggest familiarizing yourself first with in-game jargon before trying your hand out at this Wordle.

You can try the game out on its official website here. However, the game is developed by a Spanish programmer so the interface is in the Spanish language for now. But all the words you can put in are from Valorant, so you won’t have any difficulty navigating your way around the site.

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