Valorant: Kingdom Points | How to Get & Use

valorant kingdom points how to get

Fans of Valorant have been eagerly waiting for the Episode 7 update, with its release being just a few weeks away. One of the major game-changing updates in Act One is Kingdom Points. What is this so-called Kingdom Points and how can you get and use them in Valorant? Let’s dive into the details!

What is Kingdom Points in Valorant?

Along with the Episode 7 update, Valorant Kingdom Points will be added to the game. The release of this upgrade is anticipated for June 22, 2023. Valorant Kingdom Points will be introduced in the game as a new in-game currency. 

How to get Kingdom Points

valorant kingdom points
Valorant Kingdom Points, screengrab courtesy of Valorant via Youtube

It’s really easy to get this brand-new in-game currency. Here’s what you need to do to get Kingdom Points:

  • Players will be able to acquire Kingdom Points in Valorant without having to spend any money, unlike Valorant Points (VP).
  • Players receive them at the end of each game without any cost.
  • Extra points are awarded for better play, match triumphs, and the first victory of the day.

Simply join a game of Valorant and play through the match until the end to earn the new in-game currency you can spend to progress. For your first victory of the day and for completing additional rounds of a game, you will receive bonus points.

What are they used for?

As the new in-game currency, you can use Valorant Kingdom Points to buy and collect various rewards. But the most important use of Kingdom Points is to unlock new agents.

In the Episode 7 Act One update, Valorant will also add a new system called Free Agent Event which gives players a few days to grind and get new agents using XP. The catch is, as soon as their free event pass expires, users will have the option to purchase Agents using Kingdom Points.

In addition, players can also use Kingdom Points to buy items from the previous battle pass, such as:

  • Cards
  • Sprays
  • Gun buddies
  • Titles

Each item will have a different price, so remember to unlock your favorite prizes quickly because they might not be available again. For anyone wondering, melees and gun skins are not expected to be included in these prizes.

Kingdom Points Point Cap

Although the new currency is free to grind, Valorant is adding a maximum amount one can get. A player in Valorant will stop receiving Kingdom Points after they reach 10,000 Kingdom Points. They must first spend some Kingdom Points by purchasing some of the available rewards in order to continue collecting Kingdom Points.

Other updates included in Episode 7

According to the ‘Dev Diaries’ video, there will be more new content coming in the Episode 7 Act One update other than Kingdom Points that you can anticipate:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • A new map built specifically for the Team Deathmatch
  • New battle pass
  • More information/hints about the new Sentinel and Duelist

There it is! Now you know how to get and use the Valorant Kingdom Points! The only thing to do now is to jump into the game, get some kills, win games, and prepare for the new update!

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