Valorant: New Agent Codename “BountyHunter” Leaked

Riot Game’s Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooting game where every agent has unique and special abilities. Since its release in June of 2020, the game is continuing to grow and is now a global hit. Since then, the game already showcased 18 fantastic agents.

As part of Valorant’s plans, they are planning to add another agent. The upcoming agent will be the 20th agent in the pool.

Just recently, a supposed codename leaked into the gaming community.

ValorLeaks may have potentially leaked the ability and game style of the upcoming agent. In their latest tweet, they hinted with the codename: BOUNTY HUNTER.

Photo Courtesy of Valor Leaks (via

The BOUNTY HUNTER hint really is not new information. Back when KAY/O was about to be released, two codenames were also leaked – GRENADIER and BOUNTY HUNTER. We know KAY/O was the Grenadier, but the agents released after KAY/O were definitely not the Bounty Hunter. These agents would turn out to be Chambers and Neon.

As the leaked codename suggests, Agent 20 might be very similar to Sova and Cypher. Two agents who are great at scouting and tracking enemies. What is more exciting is that this agent may even become a better choice than Sova or Cypher. Valorant is teasing players with the story of the Bounty Hunter blackmailing other agents. The game also hinted with these photos (see below).

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Agent 20 might be released soon, after the end of Valorant’s Episode 4 Act III. The new VALORANT act will be kicking in about a month. Rumors are also spreading that alongside a new agent, there will also be a new MAP.

The latest agent added to Valorant was Neon (Agent 18), an aggressive duelist of Filipina-descent who specializes in electric charges. Another agent, Agent 19 will also soon be in the ranks of Valorant’s agents in the future.

Agent Neon, Photo Courtesy of

Valorant will look to add agents in the future to balance the gameplay. With the addition of new agents, the game will become more fun and exciting for the players as well as the fans.

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