Valorant New Map Pearl – Best Agents To Use

With Valorant’s new map, Pearl. Get to know the best agents to use in playing with this exciting new map. A little trivia about this new map, Pearl. Pearl Map is set underwater set in Portugal and is quite big that a lot of passages to come through.

If you haven’t seen it, you can view the structure of Pearl Map here.

A sneak peek of the Pearl Map

Looks pretty isn’t it?

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Best Agents To Use in Pearl Map

Here is your guide in choosing the best agents that are fit to use in the Pearl Map.

Take note that the best agents are divided and organized on the list according to their roles. In this way, you will be able to decide and choose the best agents with their special abilities that can be useful to the team as they conquer this new Pearl Map.

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  • DUELISTSNeon, Yoru, and Reyna are the agents good to use in the Pearl Map since the map is kind of a maze. The abilities of the duelist can seek and break out of the complicated path while they kill the enemies as well.
  • SENTINELSCypher and Chamber are defensive specialist agents, they are good for supporting the team against the enemies in the Pearl Map.
  • INITIATORSFade, and Sova are in charge of flushing out the hiding enemies, they are good for assisting the team against the enemies.
  •  CONTROLLER/SMOKERSOmen, Brimstone, and Viper are experts in controlling a certain area like in the Pearl Map. They are in charge of going against the enemies’ territory and leading them into choke points. They are surely needed in the team, especially for the Pearl Map’s tricky route.

A Few Reminders 

All of the agents have the special ability needed for each map since all maps have different settings and structures.

As per the Pearl Map, all the mentioned agents above are so far the best agents to use based on their abilities and preview of the map since it’s not yet released.

Pearl Map Release Date

The new Pearl Map is available on June 22, 2022. So prepare your best agents to discover the action that lies ahead of the map!

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