Valorant: New Team Ace Bundle Leaked

The latest update for Valorant just dropped a few days ago and it seems a new skin bundle, ‘Team Ace’ will be available soon. Leakers were quick to find an upcoming skin bundle.

Team Ace Bundle will feature five weapon skins and player cards.

@ValorLeaks, a well-known and credible Valorant leaker has shared information about the bundle in a series of tweets. The bundle will reportedly have skins for the Operator, Vandal, Phantom, Frenzy, and Judge. @ValorLeaks posted the preview of the skin bundle the same day the update went live.

The player cards feature the five agents seen on the weapon skins.

The agents featured in this bundle are Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Yoru, and Raze. A closer look at the weapons in @ValorLeaks’ tweet shows these agents on the weapons. Jett is on the Operator, Phoenix on the Phantom, and Reyna on the Vandal. We can also see Yoru on the Frenzy and Raze on the Judge.

Aside from their characters being visible on the weapons, they also have their own player cards. @ValorLeaks also revealed the design of the player cards in another tweet about the Team Ace Bundle.

Another Valorant data miner, @floxayyy posted closer previews of the weapon skins. Team Ace Bundle also includes a new gun buddy as well as five sprays representing the five featured agents.

In a follow-up tweet regarding the bundle, @floxayyy speculates that each Team Ace skin will cost 1,275 Valorant Points. It also seems that Team Ace Bundle is a Deluxe tier. 

Riot has not issued an official announcement regarding the skin bundle, but it’s likely it will release in the coming days.

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