Valorant: Night Market 2022 Schedule

Valorant is mostly a game about aim, as the tactical first-person shooter has provided us with some of the most unforgettable gaming experiences last year. However, there is a strong emphasis on in-game cosmetics in Valorant, as Riot is always releasing new skins for users to purchase. Because there is currently no community market, the Night Market is the only way for gamers to save money on skins.

Night Market 2022 Schedule

The Night Market appears every eight weeks, and it will be back in mid-February. Players will be able to purchase skins at a reduced price. In February, April, June, August, and October, the Night Market is open for two weeks each month. The annual Night Market, which takes place in December throughout the holiday season, was open for four weeks.

(The most recent Night Market took place in mid-December of 2021.)

Unfortunately, the skins you’re shown are account-specific, and there’s no set rotation for any cosmetics. The Valorant Night Market’s randomness can be aggravating, and players have been unable to obtain their desired skins. The skins offered to each player in League of Legends are based on account activity. There are no equivalent procedures in place for players.

Image Courtesy of WestJett

The good news is that Valorant’s Night Market comes around frequently. In this case, you’ll only have to wait eight weeks for a new batch of skins to choose from. Re-rolling skins with premium currency would be a wonderful addition, but Riot Games has made no indication that this is on the cards.

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