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One of the most anticipated events in Valorant is the Night Market. The reason why a lot of players look forward to the Night Market is because of the good deals they can get on specific weapon skins. We all know that Valorant doesn’t require you to spend real-life money to be better than your enemies. On the other hand, you have the choice to invest your money in weapon skins to have bragging rights on the battlefield.

During the Night Market in Valorant, the game randomly gives you a set of weapon skins at a discounted price. The set consists of six weapon skins that come from a variety of bundles and skinlines in Valorant. If you’re one of the few players who haven’t checked out what their Night Market has to offer, be sure to read through this entire article. There have been leaks and rumors of the possible skinlines included in the ongoing limited-time event in Valorant.

Valorant Night Market: October 2022

Last week, Riot Games announced that the Night Market is taking place from September 28 until October 11. This is already a tradition in Valorant where the game gives players the chance to buy some skins cheaper than they actually are. We’re not going to lie, skins in Valorant can be a bit expensive which is why players like me always look forward to this event.

  • This event happens every two months in Valorant
  • There is no option for you to choose which skin you want to be included in the Night Market
  • If you do want a specific gun skin to appear in your selection, the best thing to do is pray to the RNG gods
  • Each weapon comes from a variety of bundles already released in Valorant

Valorant Night Market this October 2022 Leaks, Predictions, and Rumors - Night Market

As we said, there is no guarantee on which skins you’re going to get. If you don’t like the current selection in your limited-time store, then you’re better off waiting until the event takes place again. It’s likely that the next Night Market after this will be in late November or early December.

Rumors and predictions on bundles included

One Twitter account dedicated to revealing leaks about Valorant previously revealed the bundles available in the ongoing event. Check out the list below:

If you were hoping for the Reaver 2.0 or the Sarmad collection, then you’ll just have to wait for the next Night Market. Riot typically introduces newer bundles to the Night Market after they’ve been out for a while. They also don’t include bundles categorized as Exclusive or Ultra Edition.

Valorant Night Market this October 2022 Leaks, Predictions, and Rumors - Bundles
Images Courtesy of VALORANT via Riot Games

Some of the skins you should consider buying if they show up in your selection are from the following bundles:

  • Titanmail
  • Neptune
  • Xenohunter

Will the ChronoVoid skin be available?

Unfortunately, the latest bundle to be released in Valorant called ChronoVoid will never be a part of the Night Market. This is because it’s classified as an Exclusive Edition bundle. You still have a chance to get it, though. We highly recommend you get this if you’re going to pass on your selection of skins for the current Night Market.

You have a few days left before the bundle leaves the in-game store.

How to access Night Market in Valorant

Players who are participating in this event in Valorant for the first time may be confused at first. Once you log into the game, there is no pop-up announcement about the Night Market so you may be wondering how to access it.

Valorant Night Market this October 2022 Leaks, Predictions, and Rumors - Main Menu

There are two ways to access the Night Market:

  • Click on the banner located on the left part of your screen
  • Press the new icon that looks like two closed doors found near your Store tab
  • Once you’re there, start flipping all the cards and see what deals are available for you

Each player is given a discount on all the skins available in their Night Market selection. Make sure to see which one has the best price and also check the gun first if it has special effects and finishers.

Don’t rush in making decisions, though. You still have until October 11 before the Night Market closes. Otherwise, you can always wait for the next event to come around and see if any skin is worth your VP.

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Let us know if you hit a gold mine with your current Night Market! If you have other questions about Valorant, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you soon. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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