Image Courtesy of Hyper Front

Hyper Front appears to be a carbon duplicate of another popular tactical shooter, Riot Games’ Valorant, based on the aesthetics and character selection. Even the gameplay bears resemblances, with individuals wielding superpowers while carrying guns.

Hyper Front, Valorant Rip-Off?

While Valorant appears to be the game’s primary inspiration, they aren’t hesitant to borrow from other well-known tactical shooters. NetEase appeared to have created a clone of Overwatch’s Mei with Coldcast’s freezing abilities.

Image Courtesy of Hyper Front

When they revealed Elixir, who dresses like Sage, it appears they weren’t shy to borrow character designs. She even has the capacity to raise the dead in her arsenal.

Thunder, the first character introduced in the trailer, possesses skills similar to Neon. Following then, a female version of Omen debuted. The term “duelists” was even in the trailer, which is frequently in connection with Riot Games’ shooter.

Though the gameplay design of the characters is identical, there is one major difference: NetEase chose anime-style designs over the cartoonish style used in both Valorant and Overwatch.

Possible Law Suit vs NetEase

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, filed a lawsuit against the producers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This is of accusing them of copying the game. The Central District Court of California later dismissed the claim, but Riot’s parent firm, Tencent, filed a rival action in China. A settlement of roughly $2.9 million was awarded to them.

NetEase isn’t the only Chinese gaming company that has been guilty of developing games that are significantly from an existing IP. Several companies have been producing their own versions of the gacha sensation Genshin Impact.

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