Valorant Server Selector, Top 500 Radiant Leaderboard and More Coming

Major changes are coming to Valorant’s ranked system very soon. This includes the long demanded server selector, Top 500 Radiant leaderboard, and more.

What New Stuff Are Coming To Valorant?

  • Server Selector
  • Top 500 Radiant Leaderboard
  • Possible Solo / Duo only for Immortal+
  • Reducing Skill Disparity Queueing

The information comes from Rod Breslau, or Slasher, who’s a well-known esports consultant. He tweeted –

Will there be new maps?

As Rob has mentioned, these are some of the changes and not everything Riot Games has in the bag for us. So, there’s a certain possibility we’ll hear more about new maps very soon.

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