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After the new patch goes live, Riot will disable Shooting Range and Custom games in Valorant for NA/BR/LATAM. Patch 4.0 also introduces a lot of substantial updates to the game’s weapons and maps, with the new Agent. Players are likely to have spent time in the Shooting Range and Custom games to familiarize themselves with the weapon and map adjustments, as well as the new Agent.

The start of Episode 4, titled Disruption, is in Patch 4.0. The new Act includes a new Battlepass with a variety of weapon skins and the Tier 50 Velocity Karambit, as well as the new UE Protocol package, the lightning-fast Duelist Neon, and other weapon and map upgrades.

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Shooting Range Disabled

The new patch has arrived for Valorant players all throughout the world, bringing with it a slew of new content to try out. The anticipation for the new Agent in Patch 4.0 has been so high that Riot had to temporarily suspend two game modes in order to improve matchmaking lines when it was released.

Riot decided to temporarily disable the two modes since they were causing issues with the matchmaking queue. The modes will be disabled in the NA/BR/LATAM regions to “help clear some room.”


  • Neon has finally joined the fray thanks to the new patch. She joins her colleagues in the Valorant Protocol, and players can recruit her once they complete Tier 5.
  • Patch Notes detail important changes to Melee, Spectre, Ares, Guardian, and Bulldog. Players should familiarize themselves with the changes so that they can effectively use them in their matches. Riot also made a few changes to Bind and Breeze, requiring players to re-learn the maps for their upcoming bouts.

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