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Riot Games’ next big launch happens tomorrow. Valorant, the trending tactical shooter will go live in many different regions. The list is long, but two regions are missing from it at launch. Many are wondering when will Riot launch South Asia and the Middle East servers for the game. Well, Riot has confirmed the servers will arrive later this year.

“Riot Games is highly committed to providing the India and rest of the South Asia region with an excellent gaming experience,” said Sukamal Pegu, Publishing Head (South Asia). “While you’ll be joining the worldwide launch on June 2, the official servers which will support [the] Middle East & South Asia will come later in the year.”

The game will, however, be accessible for everyone who wants to play it starting tomorrow. You’ll have to play in the SEA region with a slightly higher ping. Riot also advises you to register with your actual home country and original Riot ID so that when they launch the servers for your region, the migration is easier.

Pegu says, “Players in South Asia will be playing on the South East Asia servers (for now), and though you will experience a higher ping, you’ll still be able to engage in enjoyable competitive battles. Make sure you register with your actual home country and original Riot ID to make your future server transition easier!”

“Our ِِregional social handles will soon be launched. Keep an eye out to get the latest updates,” he adds as a conclusion. There is, however, no comment on a dedicated Indian server yet.

Valorant launches tomorrow on PC. The first episode is named Ignition. Here are the major launch locations –

Korea, Japan, Europe, Turkey, MENA, Russia, North America, Latin America, and South America.

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  1. No mention of Africa, by devs or Spieltimes.
    Yet another globally popular game we miss out on.
    We have Microsoft and aws data centers,
    In South Africa, So whats the big issue.
    We will keep playing on EU servers and upset
    the community there till we are acknowledged.

  2. Africa needs servers. They always say we dont have the playerbase for South African servers, and its because most of us dont want to play european servers, so we dont play until they release servers for us to enjoy the game


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