Valorant Update 3.03 Patch Notes, All Details

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games. It has only been a year and a half since its release, but it is wrecking the video game industry. No doubt, it is a great game with insane rising popularity and that is why every news about it is very important.

Valorant just came back from its mid-year break and as expected, it brought a new update along. It was announced last week and has been released right on time! We can’t say it is everything that fans expected, but it does bring a few useful changes to the game. So, here is all we know about the new Patch 3.03.

Agent and Gameplay Updates

Just like any patch update, some important agent updates are done where they are either buffed or dialed down. This time it was Viper that got the update. Well, it’s not so much of an update but a fix. Players noted that Viper’s Pit started forming at the cursor placement point instead of around Viper. This issue, or say bug, has been fixed in this patch.

Now let’s talk about the major gameplay updates this patch will see. First of all, now you can turn on “Use Advanced Options” to additionally customize your ADS crosshair and sniper scope center dot. Next, the ability to save and switch between multiple crosshair profiles has been added. That aside, you can now set a minimum firing error across all weapons. Lastly, you can also use the primary crosshair with shotguns now.

Other Updates

There have also been some map updates in this patch. You will now be able to shoot through Radianite crates, with appropriate weapons from all angles. Apart from this, ziplines have also been updated which will allow the ‘Use’ key so you can detach at any point. Some other major updates include:

  • An update will automatically revert any AFK penalties applied to you in the event of unexpected server instability
  • An Auto balance button has been added for custom games with more than 6 players based on players’ MMR
  • The accuracy and responsiveness of the ping calculation has been improved
  • Ping stats will now show both, the average and the max, ping values to help you understand your networking conditions better

Bug Fixes

The following important bug fixes have been made as well according to the suggestions of the fans, and the problems faced by them:

  • A bug in which Killjoy’s turret was not affected by concussing is now fixed
  • Fixed Astra’s Gravity Well which pulled people while they were attached to ascenders
  • A bug in which Astra could activate Dissipate while attached to ascenders is also fixed
  • Fixed a bug in which Boombot, Owl Drone, and Fakeout destroyed Sage’s Barrier Orb if placed in a way that overlapped a segment of the barrier wall

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