In this article, we will share all details about Patch notes update 5.04 in Valorant. As we may all be aware, each of Valorant’s episodes typically consists of three acts that each run for a few months until the introduction of the following one.

Along with countless other updates or advancements that the team will release, this update is anticipated to include bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and new modes in addition to addressing urgent issues. We offer every piece of information we have regarding the next patch to Valorant from riot Games.

Valorant Update 5.04 Patch Notes

  • The options for player crosshairs are the main emphasis of patch 5.04. Players from all over the world can now take use of more crosshair features to enhance their gameplay and abilities.
    • This includes the choice to individually adjust the horizontal or vertical crosshair lines as well as the option to pick a custom crosshair color for extra options.
    • Additionally, from the initial 10 crosshair profiles, there are now 15 available, giving gamers more crosshair choices to consider.
    • The inclusion of the capability to copy the crosshair settings of the player being viewed by spectators is also cause for celebration.
  • The battle pass, according to Riot Games producer Laura Baltzer, will be focused on myths and legends” and was inspired by different cultures and stories.
  • Some of the new weapon skins players can obtain through grinding the premium version of the battle pass, which is still priced at 1,000 VP or $9.99, including the Piedra del Sol skin line, which is based on Aztec art and mythology.
  • Players will also have access to a brand-new free event pass that is intended to honor Champions 2022. Naturally, the customary competitive reset will also occur.


  • We did it, our upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.26 is complete and it’s what you’ll play on during this PBE. Still lots of data and metrics collecting going on to see the state of things.


  • Fixed a bug where Yoru’s Gatecrash would sometimes leave floor markers in incorrect locations

  • Fixed a bug where Chamber’s trademarks were not knifeable


Crosshair quality of life changes!

  • Added the ability to select a custom crosshair color.

    • Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope

    • On the drop down menu for color, select Custom and input the Hex Code (6-digit RGB) value of desired color

    • If a non-Hex code is entered, crosshair will revert to the previous color.

  • Added the ability to independently tune horizontal and vertical crosshair lines.

    • Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary or Aim Down Sights >> Inner/Outer Length

      • Disabling the middle “chain” icon enables independent tuning.

      • Left slider is for horizontal line and the right slider is for the vertical line.

  • Added the ability to copy spectating player’s crosshair settings

    • When spectating another player, type “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” to import the crosshair of the player you are spectating and save it as a new crosshair profile

  • Increased the number of crosshair profiles available from 10 to 15

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