Image Credit: ValorLeaks

We have been hearing about Agent Deadeye in relation to Riot Games’ Valorant for quite some time now. While news about the character has been going around, there is a good chance that we might be seeing it in the game pretty soon.

Agent Deadeye was first seen in the Valorant Year One Hymn of the Year video, in posters in a room, holding a large weapon and a glass eye. It was also speculated that he will be a sniper specialist. In the recent trailer of Valorant LCQ in South America, an unknown character’s image can be seen. This fits in with the image of Agent Deadeye, whom we have already seen.

Agent Deadeye

  • Deadeye, the 17th Agent in Valorant, is a French character, playing the role of a bodyguard. Following Sage, Cypher, and Killjoy, he is going to be the 4th Guardian in Valorant. In contrast to the previous three Guardians, Deadeye will be an expert in gunplay rather than in launching moves.
  • Cynprel posted a tweet where a player stands next to a boarded-up wall from which we can hear music. The user stated that it “Sounds like a Deadeye teaser to me, I can imagine him vibing in the basement with an expensive drink in hand, plotting his next move.”

In addition, a business card, which might be Agent Deadeye’s symbol, and a cup of coffee are apparent with the State of the Agents update.

All we know right now is that Deadeye is a sophisticated French character, who might be a specialist in sniper rifles. With the increasing references to the character, we can only expect that he will be in the game soon.

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