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Are you tired of toxic and abusive language while playing Valorant? Riot is trying to solve these disruptive behaviors thru recording in-game voice chats.

Valorant: Voice Chats

Most multiplayer games, at least mainstream ones, nowadays have their own built-in voice chats. This allows players to effectively communicate plans and strategies to reach their objectives. However, players also use this to make the game a living hell for everyone and let out their frustrations.

Screengrab via Ghoul YouTube Channel

There are existing tools to prevent this experience for players since the individual mute function is available both in agent selection and in-game itself. But, this is a band-aid solution that does not really provide any demerit or improvement in players’ behavior. Yes, the game is a lot better muting toxic players but it removes the “team” in the equation. Admittedly, solo players and try-hard carries are almost just the same as bad-mouthing players.

In hopes to eliminate or reduce these kinds of behavior, Riot games recently update its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service to allow the developers to record and evaluate voice communications in-game. Based on the announcement, reporting will be the trigger to review the voice communications. The recording will also serve as a piece of cold-hard evidence. Riot intends to slap these in the faces of players with proven disruptive behavior.

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Riot already released the background launch of the voice evaluation system in North America on the 13th of July 2022. This means that the system is already recording all voice chats since the mentioned date.

This aims to train the system’s language models in preparation for the launch in the latter part of the year. Riot clarified that any disruptive behavior reports using the voice evaluation system will not be used to demerit a player’s account.

This also means that other regions especially those with different languages have to wait before Riot implements this. On a personal note, it is interesting how riot can implement these voice evaluation systems. Imagine having different languages with various jargon and street languages that evolve thru time.

Screengrab via Ghoul YouTube Channel

To give us an idea, estimated that the top 5 countries with the most number of players are the following: United States of America (22.53%), Brazil(6.725), Turkey, (6.22%), Philippines (5.73%), and Indonesia (4.00%). Riot admittedly said that the tech is challenging but persistent enough to pursue it for a better and more inclusive environment. It seems that this tech will also be implemented in other Riot Games since Valorant will just be the kickoff.

The intent of these initiatives is for the betterment of the game’s playing environment. However, privacy concerns always arise when recordings are concerned. The only way players can opt-out is to completely turn off voice chat which basically puts players on an island just like the current muting feature.

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The voice evaluation system will be a breakthrough in the gaming industry if it succeeds. Riot is also devising failsafe mechanisms in cases where the system misjudged the report. It seems like a revolutionary tech/model but still looks like a long way to go. If you have any questions or you feel that we missed something, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. 

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