Victoria's Secret Forever Bras Plant Based Recyclable Bra
Image courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret takes a step forward to include mother nature in their new Forever padded bra collection, with recyclable plant-based padding material.

Victoria's Secret bra Forever Bra Plant based bra
Image courtesy of Bloomberg

Bras and undergarments are fashion articles that aren’t on great terms with nature. There is little innovation in the sector and in times of fashion bras, there isn’t a product anyone wants to take risks with.

  • The bras in lingerie contain 25 to 40 components and they demand a sustainable change to be inclusive of mother nature. In past years, many small businesses made attempts of filling this gap and taking a step further towards sustainable undergarments.

  • In 2018, a Melbourne, Australia-based company launched The Very Good Bra. It is the first completely biodegradable bra on the market. Upon favorable response, the brand dived into other garments as well creating biodegradable panties and loungewear. They mainly use organic cotton, natural rubber, and Cradle to Cradle certified Tencel brand fiber in production.
  • Furthering the initiative, a U.S.-based company created Kindly’s Padded bra-cups completely made of sugarcane foam. According to recent reports, the infamous lingerie company Victoria’s Secret is also joining the race with an attempt at creating an environment-friendly future with its new collection.

Victoria’s Secret Forever Bra

Victoria’s Secret & Co. is sustainably making its debut with recyclable bras. It is a step in resolving the textile waste problem for undergarments. The lingerie sector most frequently toss used materials into the trash and bid them goodbye, which already makes this attempt a commendable deed.

  • The latest product of Victoria’s Secret is named the Forever Bra. It follows a similar pattern of using plant-based fabric pads. These are much easier to recycle than synthetics such as polyester created from petroleum. Once the bra reaches the end of its life cycle, customers can take the bras back to any of their US outlets. They shall remove the pads for recycling.
VIctoria's Secret Bra Plant Based Bra Forever Bra
Image Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

How will Victoria’s Secret Recycle Bras?

The company is working with two partners. They will help collect and disassemble the bras before sending them for recycling. Unifi, a textile innovation and recycling company will join hands for this progressive step.

  • Moreover, the bras that are still in good condition will be available for a donation rather than recycling. There are certain doubts revolving around the success of this ambition. Overall, the public reaction is mild.

Will Victoria’s Secret Forever Bras Actually Work?

On the positive side Forever Bras is a step forward for the brand sustainably. However, how well this idea will fare is still a question.

  • Firstly, consumers are more reluctant to buy used undergarments rather than other clothing. There is a general concern about hygiene and conditions. Furthermore, there are elements of the Forever Bra, including wires and clasps, that aren’t recyclable.
  • Those wires, hooks, and claps are the essential element containing plastic and metal which shapes and hold the bra together. Managing their use and replacing them is an important part of reducing waste.
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Eco-friendly Forever Bra
Image courtesy of Victoria’s Secret
  • As for Victoria’s Secret’s Forever Bra, those wires and clasps will be separated from the bras before recycling. They will send them to a waste-to-energy system, where materials are combusted to gather steam for electricity production. Hence, currently, the pads and fabric are the only recyclable element in their Forever Bra but they assured of working to make the whole bra eco-friendly.
Recyclable Bra Plant Based Victoria's Secret Forever Bra
Image courtesy of Victoria’s Secret
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Although it is a small step towards creating environment-friendly lingerie, it is still a praiseworthy effort. We hope to discover better replacements for other aspects of Forever Bras soon.

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