Viral now: Mavs announcer Brian Dameris cooks James Harden live on-air | Fans react

Brian Dameris cooks James Harden live on air

The Clippers lost in a blowout against the Mavericks on Friday, but before that even took place, former Mavs announcer Brian Dameris already went off on James Harden live on air, during a pregame segment. The veteran sports analyst cooked and annihilated Harden, saying that the All-Star shooting guard is “the problem”. The video quickly went viral and made rounds on the internet, and to no one’s surprise, a lot of NBA fans seemed to agree with Dameris’ hot take. Dameris went on a 2-minute monologue explaining what

Here’s the James Harden full banter made by Brian Dameris:

“Ask the producer to pipe this into the Clippers locker room so I can talk to you James. I hope you’re taking notes. I’m telling you in advance, you’re welcome, for the wisdom I’m about to spew. Because listen, I get on my knees every night and pray for someone to believe in me like Daryl Morey believed in you.”

“You wanted a certain coach, they brought in Mike D’Antoni. You wanted to play a certain style, they played it. You wanted Dwight Howard, they brought him in and got rid of him when you were tired of him. You wanted Chris Paul, they brought him in and got rid of him when you were tired of him. They brought in your old friend Russell Westbrook. You want to go to Vegas on off days? They looked away. You wanted the team to stay over so you could go out at night, they changed the schedule—and it didn’t work.”

“And you know what, you said I’m gonna break up with my wooby, not good enough. I see the bright lights of New York. I want to go there. My old pal Kevin Durant. It’s gonna work, the big three—and all after one year you wanted out. You realized, “oh my gosh! I took this guy for granted, the guy that believed in me. I want back with Daryl Morey.” They traded Ben Simmons for you—how did they pull that off?”

“And you know what? You went there, and you got a partner who got the MVP. He won the MVP, and what did you say afterwards? You said, “they didn’t hand me the reins.” You’re the point guard! You were holding the reins! And what did you do when you had the reigns? You scored 9 points in Game 7 against Boston, you blew a 3-2 series lead. So they fired their coach, not good enough. You broke up with the guy that believed in you again, you said “the bright lights of LA! That’s where I want to go! Let’s see if that works.”

“Listen James, have you ever had those friends who had bad roommates? Over and over they complained about their bad roommates: “this guy’s terrible,” “the bad roommate here,” they never thought to be self aware enough that THEY’RE the bad roommate! They’re the problem! Hey James, YOU’RE the PROBLEM! If this doesn’t work this year, in this system, with this team, then you’re gonna go and point fingers at everybody else and then you’re gonna go back home and you’re gonna start swiping right for another team, and there’s not gonna be anyone left. Because James, you’re not the beard, you’re not the system, you’re the problem.”

Fans react to Brian Dameris publicly cooking James Harden on television

It’s safe to say that Dameris wanted all the smoke with James Harden. But, almost every NBA fan backed him up and believed the announcer was telling the truth. In the last three years, we’ve seen a disgruntled Harden in three different teams. Those who’ve been watching the NBA in the past decade or so know about The Beard’s antics every time he demands to be traded. Truly, it only took Brian Dameris to obliterate James Harden’s career, and fans are loving it.

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Who won the James Harden trade?

Obviously, the Sixers took the victory after sending James Harden away. At first, you would have thought Philly’s offense would take a dip now that their former second-best player is out of the picture. Well, as it turns out, the Sixers found Harden’s replacement as Tyrese Maxey continuously improved. The Sixers continue to be a contender even without James Harden controlling the offense.

The relationship between Harden and his teammates, the front office, and the fans is, to say the least, tumultuous. Their run together was short-lived and was far from the success they were expected to get.

Sadly, the Los Angeles Clippers, in a worst-case scenario, may fall to another Harden drama in the future. We’ve seen the 10-time All-Star implode and force his way out (i.e. Rockets, Nets, Sixers). He’s had superstars and former MVPs as teammates, but still, the 34-year-old guard has always had problems. Since the James Harden trade, the Clippers have lost three straight (0-3).

Even with 3 All-Star teammates in Los Angeles, who’s to say he won’t do it again? On paper, the Clippers are extremely talented and their offense may just be as good as their defense. But, James Harden will be James Harden. He even mentioned he’s not a system player because HE IS THE SYSTEM. That alone speaks volumes and the Clippers should be very wary.

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