Stephanie Melgoza DUI crash laughing video killing two people drunk driving
Stephanie Melgoza laughs after killing two in DUI crash (Image courtesy of New York Post)

Recently released bodycam footage shows a 24-year-old Stephanie Melgoza laughing after a DUI crash killing two people. The video shows her grinning during a field sobriety test only moments after she had caused the drunken car crash. The footage went public over the weekend after she was sentenced to 14 years in prison for her crime. 

The viral video shows Stephanie Melgoza being confronted by authorities after she struck and killed Andrea Rosewicz and Paul Prowant while they were crossing the street near Full Throttle bar in East Peoria on April 10, 2022. It comes as no surprise that Twitter users did not receive the clip kindly.

Exploring Stephanie Melgoza’s DUI crash in Illinois

The video depicts Stephanie Melgoza, who was intoxicated and three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit, struggling to follow a police officer’s instructions while grinning and laughing. She admitted to drinking three vodka and waters and having cannabis in her purse. 

The police officer noted that she smelled strongly of alcohol, had slurred speech, and red eyes. Melgoza failed all field sobriety tests and the police confirmed her involvement in a fatal crash that killed two people. 

In the footage, she behaves erratically and even sings and dances on an exam table at a hospital. When the police officer informed her that she was going to jail for causing the deaths of two people, Stephanie Melgoza seemed not to understand the severity of the situation.

Stephanie Melgoza’s father responds to online harassment

The Illinois woman’s father has asked online trolls to stop harassing his family. He believes that his daughter is already being punished for her terrible crime by being in jail. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, he expressed his condolences to the family of the victims and apologized for his daughter’s actions. However, he emphasized that his family should not be punished for her crime. 

He also criticized the anonymous “cowards” who have been targeting his family online and urged them to stop their harassment.

Social media reactions to viral ‘laughing’ video

Twitter users have expressed their disgust over how someone could laugh and dance after killing two people. The incident has sparked debate over how drunk driving has become normal over the years.

Some believe that Stephanie Melgoza’s 14-year prison sentence is still too lenient for killing two victims in a DUI crash. Civilians have called for more accountability from drunk driving crimes.

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