Genshin Impact VA Voice actor Elliot Gindi sexual assault apologize
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Genshin Impact, Tighnari’s voice actor, Elliot Gindi faces accusations of sexual harassment for requesting nude photographs from fans, he apologizes.

Elliot Gindi sexual assult Genshin Impact apologize
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Tighnari’s VA, Elliot Gindi’s sexual harassment

The voice actor of a popular character Tighnari from Genshin Impact is accused of being in inappropriate relationships with multiple fans. Some of the fans were minors at the time, which raises further accusations of pedophile behavior as well.

  • According to the revelations, Elliot Gindi pressured the fans for nude photographs. The voice actor of Tighnari, confirms the allegations through a Twitter post. There are also more revelations of his misconduct to pressure the fans to comply with his requests.
  • Following the controversy, multiple Genshin voice actors publically condemned Gindi’s actions and calls him out for exploiting the power of his position as a public figure and relation between a celebrity and their fans.

Elliot Gindi’s Discord Mod reveals evidence of sexual harassment

On Tuesday, February 7, a former Twitch and Discord moderator for Genshin Impact VA Elliot Gindi, Matty took to Twitter to disclose a list of Gindi’s pervertedness.

  • Matty created a Google Document file consisting of compiled screenshots showing Gindi’s conversations with three fans through Discord and Instagram. Some of the screenshots feature fans’ descriptions of Gindi’s behavior to the three moderators who helped compile the testimonies.
  • The accusations against Elliot Gindi are a long triggering list. It includes coercion, grooming, and pedophile behavior. Moreover, the voice actor uses suicide threats to get his way with sexual relations with minor fans.

  • The whistleblower, Matty confirmed to Kotaku, that the moderators were working for Gindi’s Twitch and Discord until Monday, February 6. They gathered the evidence and left the position following the release of accusations.
  • Matty also reveals she didn’t leave earlier for her revelation because she had a plan to follow. “I was going to ping everyone in the Discord server with the link of the post and then leave,”  she also confirms executing her plan accordingly. “I caused a little bit of chaos.”

Elliot Gindi apologizes

When prompted about the allegations from the whistleblower moderators, Elliot Gindi reveals his actions and apologize through Twitter. He confirms all the screenshots and inappropriate sex talk in the evidence are factual. Further, he confirms threatening suicide in case any of it was revealed and apologized. “I didn’t think through about the severity of that. I’m sorry.”

  • However, Gindi rejects the accusation of pedophilia. He denies approaching or grooming underage fans for a morally wrong relationship. “I was not waiting for some 15-year-old to turn 18,” he wrote. “I flatly rejected them.”
Tighnari VA Elliot Gindi apologize
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  • The tweet spread like wildfire across the Genshin Impact community. The fans of Tighnari, whom Gindi voices, condemn his actions and voiced their rage for his actions on social media. They also expressed disappointment stating the misdeeds of the voice actor taint one of their favorite characters.
  • In light of all the controversy, enraged fans demand a recast of the forest ranger, Tighnari’s role with a different voice actor.
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Genshin Impact’s other VA promises recuperations

Chris Faiella, Genshin Impact’s voice director, publicly promise fans of using his influence with production HoYoverse to “rectify the situation.”

  • Brianna Knickerbocker, the voice actor for Hu Ta admitted feeling triggered and angry about Gindi’s actions. “There should be consequences for his actions. There ought to be support for the victims.”
  • Stephanie Southerland, the voice of Jean Gunnhildr wrote of feeling disgusted. She sent her support for anyone who Gindi exploited saying “my heart hurts for you”. She comforts the victims by sympathizing with how difficult it must be to speak about this and comforts them, “the rest of the cast stands with you.”

  • Alejandro Saab, who was cast to play Cyno condemns Elliot’s actions calling them vile, disgusting, and inexcusable. He expressed his empathy saying he is hurting physically and emotionally, “I do not condone any of Gindi’s disgusting actions”.
  • Furthermore, the Genshin Impact voice actors used their platform to criticize voice actors who exploit the love of fans. Jackie Lastra, famous for her work as Xiangling expressed her anger in a Tweet. She mentions how fans approach the voice actors with trust and calls taking advantage of that trust a deplorable act.
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HoYoverse’s response to the controversy

According to an email received by Kotaku as a response from HoYoverse about the recent controversies, the production regrets the harm to the Genshin Impact community.

  • They relented the progress of the management on the matter by saying, “Both our internal and external partners including our studio of voice actors are working together on an urgent solution”. Additionally, they will share updates on the progress of the matter as it happens.
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  • All the recent revelations not only reveal the perverted misconduct of Elliot Gindi but also shed light on the fragile relationship between a celebrity and his fan.

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