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VR Chat Player Banned For Supporting Hong Kong’s Protest

In a latest post in the VR Chat forums, a user has revealed he was banned for supporting Hong Kong protest. VR Chat is one of the most popular free to play MMO providing a social platform for the gamers.

In a post VR Chat forums, a user with VR Chat id ‘.Yui.’, claims that he posted the World : Glory to Hong Kong, and he eventually got banned for disruptive behavior. The user goes on mentioning that he was aware of the fact that he got reported by Chinese players for the same. With the intention of sharing the Hong Kong anthem song in the world, the user intended to spread the message. However, he got banned instead.

Furthermore, the forum post was posted on the subreddit of VR Chat. To no surprise, it got removed from there as well. This further consolidates the fact that the ban was a direct result of the user’s actions. Taking into consideration that developers might prefer keeping political and sensitive stuff away from the game, banning the player is a bit too much. What do you think about the ban? Do actions like these call for a permanent ban on the players? Or was it unjustified? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Md Armughanuddinhttp://www.spieltimes.com
An avid journalist, an ardent programmer, and a forever rookie gamer, Armu has a knack in finding news at the earliest.


  1. You are misrepresenting facts about the subreddit. The post in question appears to have been removed automatically by a bot for not having the proper flair. Standard Reddit stuff. The poster was informed of this by the bot on the post they made.

  2. Honestly… I think they were right for banning him, and not specifically because of China or Hong Kong, but because of being disruptive on VRChat to the degree that people submitted complaints to have him ejected.

    Many of us that use VRChat come there to unwind after working all day and we don’t want our down-time polluted by toxic rhetoric, regardless of what the focus of said rhetoric is. So naturally, many of us take a very protective stance over what we consider ‘our community’ because a great number of us that use the platform more than just in passing are also content developers that want to positively attract more users to the platform and not have them feel threatened by the caustic nature of those who don’t know how to act in public.


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