Walmart 11/25 PS5 Drop

In all PS5 drops since launch, tonight’s drop from Walmart might be the biggest one. We’ve seen a lot of pictures with huge stock. And with Walmart constantly updating us about the drop, I think many of us would be able to secure a PS5 tonight.

This article will help you guide through everything you need to know about tonight’s Walmart PS5 drop. From how to shop, to important tips and tricks. So, let’s begin.

Walmart 11/25 PS5 Drop – Everything You Need To Know

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Let’s start with some extremely important tips.

Note: This is for the United States only.

Important Tips

  • Stay signed in to your account
  • Keep your payment and shipping details saved already (Don’t wait to do those while purchasing the PS5, it’ll slow you down)
  • If you have different devices, keep them on with separate Walmart accounts (App has worked the best so far)
  • If Walmart allows, keep the PS5 in your “Saved for Later” list
  • Don’t refresh too frequently. Maintain a 5-minute gap
  • Follow us on Twitter as we’ll instantly notify you when the drop goes live


Date and Timing

WEDNESDAY, 11/25 at –

  • 6 PM Pacific
  • 7 PM Mountain
  • 8 PM Central
  • 9 PM Eastern

Order Type

Online-only, to be delivered or pick-up, depending on your choice.

Can you go and pick it up after ordering?

Walmart hasn’t answered that yet. But most probably, you won’t be able to do so.

Website, Mobile Site, or App?

All of them work but according to the information I bear, people ordering through the app have had more success. Tip: If you got different devices, try from all of them with different Walmart accounts.

When shall I get on the website?

Keep your Twitter open as we’ll keep notifying you with every little detail. Also, get on the Walmart site at least 30 minutes prior to the drop. This is to ensure you don’t have to rush in during peak time.

Should I refresh?

Yes, keep refreshing every five minutes. Note: Don’t refresh too frequently and please don’t use an automatic refresher plugin. This might get your IP banned. (I’ve been there)

Once the clock strikes the drop time, refresh once. If the site is still not updated, keep refreshing every 5-10 seconds. Just make sure you don’t go full Terminator here.

Also, if you see an “Add to Cart” option, and you’re having problems checking out or adding to the cart, then you can keep smashing the button repeatedly.

How long will the drop last?

I believe not more than 10 minutes. So, be quick and stay active on Twitter for constant updates.

What if it says “Out of Stock”?

Keep trying for another 30 minutes. Until and unless Walmart officially announces that the stocks are over, keep trying. People have had success even after over 45 minutes from the initial drops.

What if they oversell?

That might occur, as it has with many other retailers. Keep checking your order status and email for confirmation and shipping emails. Until and unless your PS5 is shipped, your order could be canceled any moment.

Will there be bots?

Of course.

What’s the bot protection like?

Walmart has improved its security measures. With them increasing their security measures, bot developers are also reprogramming to bypass these. A few Walmart customer representatives did say that they’re improving their anti-bot measures, but I think, we’ll still see some of them. Not as much as we saw during the initial drops, though. Hopefully.

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