Walmart To Have Another Lot of PlayStation 5 (PS5) Available on 11-19

Walmart will have another lot of PlayStation 5 (PS5) stock available on 11/19. The news comes from a Walmart customer representative who confirmed the same.

HUGE UPDATE! Walmart has changed its timing for 11/25’s drop from 7 PM ET to 9 PM ET.

Walmart To Restock "Another Lot of PlayStation 5 (PS5)" on 11/19

UPDATE #2: According to another customer rep, Walmart will have an online-only PS5 sale on 11/20, Friday.

UPDATE #1: One of our community members contacted another customer representative to double-check the claim. Upon inquiry, the rep told that the claim by the first rep “is not verified, YET.” They neither confirmed it nor denied it.

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At what time though isn’t confirmed yet. “What we can confirm is that on 11/19/2020 we will be having another lot of PlayStation 5 available, however, we do not have the time frames when this will go live,” the customer representative said.

Walmart To Have Another Lot of PlayStation 5 (PS5) Available on 11-19

This news was possible thanks to one of our members on the PS5 Stock Tracker live-chat, JDB, for going through 17 different customer representatives to find us this information. RESPECT.

Earlier, another customer representative confirmed that Walmart would have more PS5 units in stock before their grand Black Friday sale. Of course, Walmart will have a fair amount of units for sale on Black Friday, but as confirmed, the retail giant will be selling more PS5 units prior to that.

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