Walmart Will Sell More PlayStation 5 (PS5) On 11/25; Time Announced

Previously we successfully reported about Walmart’s drop on 11/19. This article is regarding their next big drop on 11/25. This time, it’s confirmed by Walmart and the timing has been announced.

When will Walmart sell the PS5 again?

On Wednesday, 11/25, at 9 PM ET / 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT / 7 PM MT. Walmart has officially confirmed this on the PlayStation 5’s product page. Here’s a screenshot –

This will be a part of their Black Friday sale.

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How do I increase my chances of securing the PS5?

  • Stay on the Walmart page at least 15 minutes prior to the mentioned time
  • Stay signed-in and payment details saved
  • Don’t refresh too frequently or else Walmart will block your IP
  • Keep following us on Twitter so that you know exactly when Walmart starts accepting orders

Links for Walmart

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