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Warhammer: Vermintide 2’s New Expansion’s Boss Teased

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will be getting a new expansion this month, ie Winds of Magic. The expansion will be adding loads of new content to the game and the latest tweet from the developers teases about the new boss in the game.

The expansion will be adding the Minotaur boss to the game. Minotaurs also know as Bullgors in the Warhammer world, are a massive bull-headed breed of the Beastmen race. These enemies, however, are completely new when it comes to Warhammer Vermintide 2.

Apart from the new bosses, the Winds of magic expansion will also be adding a variety of stuff in the game. As the name implies, the expansion will add eight winds in the game each of which will modify the map differently. Two of these winds were teased in the last few days. The first one is Ghyran. The developers tweeted about Ghyran: “When Ghyran, the Wind of Life, blows strong, magic falls like rain, granting vibrancy and fecundity to all that lives. Ghyran ebbs and flows with the seasons, granting life to all it touches”

The second one is Shyish. “Shyish, the Wind of Death, is fickle and elusive. It blows strong with the whispers of the dead, clings close to graveyards and falls over the gibbet like a purple shadow.”

According to the developers, the expansion will be released this month across all platforms. The exact date of the launch is still unknown.

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