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Something is brewing in Warner Bros as of late! Rumors are spreading that some Warner Bros’ gaming divisions will be up for grabs to interested buyers. Some of which are Portkey Games (Hogwarts Legacy), NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat), Rocksteady Studios (Batman Arkham, Suicide Squad), and more.

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Back in 2020, a similar rumor also surrounded the popular entertainment studio. Everybody thought it was a done deal with Xbox, but unfortunately, the deal never saw the light of day. Fast forward to two years later, the rumor is back again but what’s interesting is it could come into reality now.

According to Fanbyte editor, Imran Khan, Warner Bros is already taking the next step to put their gaming divisions in the market. Further, he named some of the most plausible suitors for a possible buyout like EA, Take-Two, Tencent, NetEase, PUBG Corp., and two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry – Sony and Microsoft.

“Couldn’t get enough confirmation to actually write a post about it, but hearing a decent bit of chatter this week about WB Discovery shopping their game development studios around”, Imran Khan poster on Twitter. “Interested parties included EA, Take-Two, Microsoft, Sony, Tencent, Netease, and PUBG Corp. WBD wants to sell studios and license IP, supposedly”, Khan added.

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Still, these are just rumors and there is still no concrete evidence yet, whatsoever. It is also unknown if Warner Bros is willing to sell their IP rights and game licenses, although that is highly unlikely to happen.

Who do you think should take Warner Bros Discovery’s possible offers? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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