Was Britney Spears supposed to perform with Elton John at Glastonbury?

Elton John Britney Spears Glastonbury

Glastonbury 2023 turned out to be a high-energy retirement party for Sir Elton John as the legendary singer completed his final ever UK performance. Before his set, there were some strong rumors that pop icon Britney Spears might make a surprise appearance during Elton John’s highly anticipated Glastonbury headline set. However, as the festival unfolded, the potential collaboration between the two legendary artists did not seem to come through.

Britney Spears’ Instagram hints for Glastonbury

The 41-year-old singer dropped hints on Instagram about a possible Glastonbury appearance alongside Elton John. Let’s take a look at the series of posts that led to all the speculation.


One post featured an oil painting of a McDonald’s meal alongside a vase of roses with three Union Jack flag emojis in the caption. The artist behind the painting, Noah Verrier, confirmed that it depicted a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish meal, popular in Britain. 

Another post is a deleted message about her plans to visit London during Glastonbury week. While she said it was just a shopping trip, it almost confirmed her performance at the festival.

Elton John x Britney Spears collab

Apart from the Instagram clues, there was a more significant reason why fans believed Elton John and Britney Spears would perform together at Glastonbury 2023

Earlier, Elton John had announced that there would be four guest collaborators for his headline performance. Since Britney Spears had worked with him on a remix of his classic Tiny Dancer, fans thought her cameo was given. 

Notably, Britney Spears’ Tiny Dancer remix was her first release since the highly publicized conservatorship battle. However, her Instagram hints did not materialize into a performance alongside Elton John at Glastonbury 2023. 

Elton John’s Glastonbury 2023 performance

Despite Britney Spears’ absence, Elton John managed to close the Glastonbury festival with his signature energy and style. The Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers took to the Pyramid Stage to perform Tiny Dancer alongside the 76-year-old British singer.

Glastonbury marked Elton John’s final performance in England as he brought together an impressive lineup of collaborators. Rina Sawayama joined him for a lively rendition of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, while Jacob Lusk of soul trio Gabriels delivered a soulful performance of Are You Ready for Love.

Image courtesy of Raph Pour-Hashemi via FarOut, Twitter (@RaphPH)

As Elton John expressed his admiration for the young artist, rising star Stephen Sanchez performed the viral Until I Found You. The collaborations highlight the veteran artist’s desire to showcase fresh talent at the festival.

Other Glastonbury 2023 Highlights

Glastonbury 2023 had its fair share of memorable moments like every other year. The Arctic Monkeys delivered a spectacular closing show on Friday night, earning rave reviews from festivalgoers. 

On Saturday, Guns N’ Roses took the stage, though their performance failed to live up to expectations. Sir Paul McCartney was spotted at Glastonbury and ignited rumors of a collaboration with Elton John, which failed to materialize, just like Britney Spears. 

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