Ubisoft used a pretty cool idea of announcing a new game, inside a game – Watch Dogs 2

Might be true, might be not. Ubisoft has left a cool trailer inside Watch Dogs 2, that seems to refer to a ‘space’ game. There’s a mission in Watch Dogs 2 about stealing a video-game trailer from an in-game version of Ubisoft, that led to the leak of this footage –

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Well, it’s not confirmed if the footage is for a real game or just a cool trick to grab attention. As you can see in the video, there’s written ‘Ubisoft Confidential’, ‘Do not distribute’ and ‘E3_Conf_Video_v03’. And so I think the game is either in development, one of Ubisoft’s cancelled projects or a game we might see in the next E3.

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Additionally, if you followed the NeoGAF thread, you can see people posting other Easter Eggs as well.Watch Dogs 2 Easter EggWatch Dogs 2 Easter EggIf it’s a real game, Ubisoft did an amazing job announcing it inside a game whose theme is hacking. This can also refer to real-world hackers. But if it’s fake, all we can say is ‘Well played Ubisoft. Well played.”

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