It’s time to play T-Bone once again.

With the recent 1.06 title update, Watch Dogs 2 has been stabilized. The seamless multiplayer, functionality, and other core online features have been improved. The next big update called the T-Bone Content Bundle is due for December 22.

This update will revolve around Raymond Kenney, or as we know him as T-Bone. It includes his attire, as well as his modified school bus, complete with bulldozer blade for creating extra chaos. The Bundle also incudes a new Mayhem co-op challenge, with tough new enemy archetype called the Grenadier, that uses advanced weaponry and tactics.

The T-Bone Chaos Event also begins the week of December 19. This free event will run for four weeks, with each week bringing a new themed challenge through Ubisoft Club that will give you a chance to earn in-game currency and unique event rewards, like new car skins or a new bag for Marcus.

This holiday, with Watch Dogs 2. – UbiBlog