We spoke to Watch Dogs: Legion's Game Design Director, Kent Hudson

Ubisoft has announced that the next title update for Watch Dogs: Legion, version 5.5, will be released by the 24th of August. With the new update, Ubisoft will add its Assassin’s Creed crossover character, Darcy. Darcy, a member of the British Assassins Guild, will also be the final season pass character. Along with Darcy, a few other new things are to be expected with the update. There will be some new stories and world missions.

Darcy is a non-canon assassin in the modern era, created as fanservice between Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs for years. It seems as though Darcy is the only one in the season pass to have received her own story missions along with the introduction.

Although we haven’t had a chance to see any footage of Darcy, except for the image with the update announcement, it is expected that she will wield a hidden blade in white Assassin robes. While Darcy will be available if players have the Watch Dogs Legion Season Pass, the other world missions and story quests will be available to all players.

Resistance Mode

  • Other changes include the Resistance Mode, which allows Albion soldiers to spot the player’s character when in close proximity. Enemies will also be able to call for reinforcement more quickly. In such situations, fast travel will be disabled and checkpoints will go off.
  • This is set to change the entire experience of the campaign and will require a careful and strategic approach. There will be also two new PvP modes to be added to the game, Extraction, and Invasion. These two modes were supposed to be released in May but had to be postponed.
  • Alongside these changes, a whole new game mode is to be released in full, titled the Legion of the Dead. This mode will be a zombie survival mode and was previously made available for some players in Alpha testing.

Watch Dogs fans, gear up! There is a whole lot of exciting new content to go through!

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