Watch Dogs Legion’s Plot Is Fundamental, Even If There Is No Real Protagonist

The Watch Dogs saga has already seen two chapters published, quite different from a stylistic point of view, but with a fairly similar structure. The third game, which abandons the number and becomes Watch Dogs Legion, however, wants to change the cards on the table. If the first two Ubisoft works have proposed a specific character, with a name and a personal story, Legion eliminates this factor from the equation. Focusing instead on an enormous quantity of NPCs to be freely recruited.

In fact, Watch Dogs Legion will put us in the shoes of so many DedSec members, each with semi-randomly generated features. Furthermore, NPCs can die permanently, forcing us to find new ones suitable for our missions. A very interesting idea, but one that brings with it a potential problem. Telling a story becomes more complex, without a single important face. Is it possible that the developers have decided to put this component in the background? According to Kent Hudson of Ubisoft, this is absolutely not the case.

“Okay, let’s talk about the story. You know, first of all, I know that ‘playing with anyone’ is a crazy technological innovation for what we are doing, but the story is still an important part of the game and of the entire franchise. Even in this game, it is like this. We have five different storylines in the game. They are like five great quests to complete if you prefer these terms”.

It, therefore, appears that there will be several lines of missions to follow. An example is the state of surveillance in London, with which we will often have to deal. We remind you that Watch Dogs Legion will be released on March 6th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. Tell us, what do you think of the game?

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