WB Games Montréal At Work On A New DC Game

We know very well that when there is news about a game that you are a fan of, you cling to every entry in the corridor just to believe it’s true, but this time it’s something more. In fact, a response on Twitter by Osama Dorias, a WB Montreal employee, announces that the studio is actually working on a game dedicated to the DC universe. All this makes us hypothesize that this is the much talked about Batman Court of Owls, not yet confirmed by Warner Bros, even if all the clues lead in this direction, given all the voices of this year, not least that of the voice actor of the trilogy by Batman with Rocksteady Studios.

We all hope it is a new chapter of Batman, confirming precisely those items that are becoming more and more insistent from 2018 to today, and it seems that it is now certain that it will not be made by Rocksteady Studios but by WB Montreal. Just last January the artist Mendoza published some works that refer to the universe of Batman, thus making everyone think that they belonged precisely to Batman Court of Owls. But the artist immediately denied everything, and then he demolished those works.

But if it is not a new Batman, what could be the new game based on the DC world? The second most accredited hypothesis is actually a new title dedicated to the Justice League, but there is also talk of a possible video game based on the Suicide Squad. Even if these rumors have been repeatedly denied by those directly involved.

What do you think about it? Are you looking forward to a new Batman game or do you prefer the other two hypotheses?


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