E3 2020 has been canceled after a lot of speculation around the event. The coronavirus outbreak has been spreading really quick and with no signs of a slowdown, the cancellation was imminent. Amidst the cancellation, popular video game journalist Jason Schreier has revealed that WB was set to make an announcement at E3.

In his article about the E3 cancellation, Jason reveals that WB had plans to talk about some interesting stuff at E3. He says “This year, a newcomer planned to enter the field. Warner Bros. Games was preparing to host an E3 press conference for the first time, according to three people familiar with the publisher’s plans. There, WB Games had planned to talk about a number of much-anticipated games including a new Batman, a Harry Potter game that had leaked in 2018, and the next game from Arkham developers Rocksteady Studios.”

With the cancellation of E3, this plan wouldn’t obviously work out. However, it remains to be seen what Warner Bros. plans to do as far as the announcements are concerned. Whether it is an independent event or an online reveal, something is coming for sure.


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