WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD: Here’s everything you need to know

WD Black SN750

Western Digital, the American hard disk manufacturing corporation we have grown to love, has a new tool for us all, especially gamers.

WD Black SN750 is their latest SSD lineup which is focused primarily on gaming. Here’s everything you need to know about this incredibly powerful SSD:-

NVMe technology

The biggest change when it comes to WD’s SSD is the addition of the new NVMe protocol. Now, NVMe is optimized specifically to handle high bandwidth transfer speeds. This makes the games load, boot or even download at an unprecedented speed.

Storage Space

WD SN750 comes in various shapes up and sizes. Starting off from the basic 250GB one to whopping 2TB. It is designed to cater to the different sets of audiences, whether they want to game or just have a faster and more responsive system for normal usage.


WD Black SN750 is primarily focused on gamers but still comes with two different variants.

They are –

 Heat sink model

Non-heat sink model

The one with the heat sink one costs notably higher than the one without it. The heat sink does allow for a longer period of gaming without affecting the performance of the system and yes, without letting the SSD heat up. However, we don’t know yet as to how many hours of prolonging gaming with high-end, visually demanding titles it can handle.

Price & Warranty

Heat Sink model

The one with the heat sink costs INR 20,000 for the 1 TB variant whereas the 500 GB costs INR 11,000.

Non-heat sink model

The one without the heat sink costs INR 17,000 for the 1 TB variant, whereas the 500 GB and the 250 GB one costs INR 10,000 and INR 6,000.

Both models have a limited warranty of five years.

Will you be getting WD Black SN750 for your PC? Tell us in the comments down below.

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