We Happy Few Release Date To Be Announced Very Soon

We Happy Few, is a Dystopian, Utopian 1960s-era styled horror video game which will follow the character Arthur in an alternate England where people are coercively brought under the influence of mood changing drugs called ‘joy pills’ to keep them from experiencing the real image of the world.

Developer Compulsion Games had earlier said that they “wanted to rebuild the first few hours of the game” (Thanks Polygon). This move warranted that the release date be pushed further back to the summer of 2018 to achieve the desired level of quality.

Three days ago, the developers dropped a teaser video manifesting some of the finest cutscenes from the game. This teaser being released at such an unexpected date has generated a lot of speculations and debates on the internet. According to the YouTube description by IGN, the game is going to get a worldwide reveal on the E3 stage very soon, which proves that the rumours were indeed right.

In addition Compulsion games have also announced, “A release date will be announced very soon, we really appreciate your patience and support! The song is from our original soundtrack which will also be revealed soon!”, which adds unmitigated surety and supports the claims by IGN.

Looks like it’s going to be a great E3 this year.

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