Weekly Battle Cup

Spiel Times proudly presents the “Weekly Battle Cup” – a weekly tournament series for Clash Royale where every week 32 challengers will engage themselves in head-to-head battles for a chance to be the last man standing, win a cash-prize of 500INR and qualify for the upcoming “Monthly Battle Cup” series.

Week 1

This week is already packed and we have our final 32! Some of the best challengers are already practising for the first tournament of the series to be held this Sunday. Don’t miss the fun, tune in to our YouTube Channel to watch the tournament live.


The registrations for the tournament are now closed.

Date and Time

Sunday, 19th November, 12 PM. Check-ins will start from 10:30 PM.

Tournament Mode

The tournament will follow basic single elimination rules. You lose, you’re out. You win, you’ll keep going. Only the finals will be Best of 3.


The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with a prize of 500INR through PayTM.


1. Players can’t change their in-game accounts once registered. Using a different account than the registered one will result in a direct disqualification.

2. Players must check-in between 10:30 PM – 11:30 PM. Unable to check-in will result in a direct disqualification.

3. Players are allowed to copy, change and modify decks, as they prefer.

Don’t forget to tune in to our YouTube Channel on Sunday, November 19, 12 PM to experience the fun – live. If you’re new here, just allow the site to send you notifications so that you don’t miss any update on videogame-related stuff. For more info on the tournament, visit these links –

Spiel Times – Facebook / Tournament Brackets / Until Next Time, Happy Gaming!