Werewolf by Night 2: What Could Happen in Possible MCU Sequel

Werewolf by Night 2: What to Expect in Possible MCU Sequel

Director Michael Giacchino has provided an encouraging update on the potential for a sequel to Werewolf by Night and discussed the prospects of expanding the supernatural adventure within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Werewolf by Night 2 has not received an official green light, Giacchino’s comments suggest that discussions are ongoing.

Werewolf by Night was a special feature released last year that made for an awesome Halloween presentation. Filmed in black and white, the film presented a standalone story following Marvel characters who had no current ties to the ongoing MCU. But will that finally change once Marvel Studios gives Werewolf by Night 2 the green light?

Michael Giacchino Shares Hopeful Update on Werewolf by Night 2

During a Werewolf by Night screening, Michael Giacchino acknowledged that there’s always talk about the possibility of a sequel.

“There’s always talk,” the filmmaker told Collider. “But, you know, until somebody decides to spend a penny, nothing happens yet. So, hopefully. My wish is that, yes, there will be more with these characters. I would love to, and I have ideas of what I would love to do with them. And it’s all crazy and nuts, but I think that’s the only way to go about it. So, hopefully, one day. Hopefully, one day.”

Werewolf by Night 2: What to Expect in Possible MCU Sequel

It is an exciting tease, but the possibility of Werewolf by Night 2 also had people wondering what could happen in the sequel. After all, the first film stood out for its ability to exist independently within a different time period, predating the presence of the Avengers in the MCU. If a sequel is given the green light, continuing the story within the same historical context would be natural, following the characters Jack Russell (Gabriel Garcia Bernal) and Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donnelly). However, an alternative approach could involve a time jump, bringing the narrative closer to the current MCU timeline to explore Jack’s experiences amidst the emergence of other superheroes.

What Could Happen in Werewolf by Night 2?

Werewolf by Night 2 presents a fantastic opportunity to introduce additional supernatural elements into the MCU, building on the introduction of Man-Thing in the first TV movie. Given that Man-Thing successfully captured the essence of classic horror films within the MCU, it would be an exciting prospect to include this character in the sequel. While the exact direction of the sequel remains uncertain, including Man-Thing might be one of the concepts Giacchino has discussed with Marvel Studios.

If Werewolf by Night 2 materializes and proves successful on Disney+, it could set a precedent for more Marvel Studios Special Presentations in the future. This format has proven effective for Marvel Studios, providing a platform for various characters to shine in standalone stories on Disney+ rather than through traditional TV series or theatrical releases.

The fate of Werewolf by Night 2 is currently in a state of anticipation, and only time will reveal whether it will continue to expand its supernatural adventures within the MCU. Luckily, Marvel Studios and Disney+ have made the wait for an announcement much easier. Werewolf by Night has been re-released on the streaming service, this time “in vibrant color.”

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