Giant Fruit Loops by MSCHF
Image courtesy of MSCHF

MSCHF art collective company is releasing the Big Fruit Loop for people who like to have a hearty breakfast. The product satisfies the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, the nutritional value of the product is quite alarming.

Giant Fruit Loops
Image courtesy of MSCHF

What are Giant Fruit Loops?

MSCHF (pronounced as mischief) is an art collective company famous for its notorious collectible products. The company has released 86 unique collectibles so far, and for their latest release, they have decided to play with the first meal of the day.

The Big Fruit Loop is a single gigantic fruit loop that weighs roughly half a pound. It is of whopping 930 calories with 870-gram sodium and 75-gram sugar. The single giant fruit loop makes up half of the calories suggested by nutritionists to intake in a day. It also amounts to an unhealthy percentage of sodium and sugar as the recommended per day quantity is no more than 2300mg and 30g, respectively.

Where to buy

The big fruit loops are sold as a single loop per box in random colors. The box looks like a snarky replica of Kellogg’s original fruit loops. It features a MSCHF version of Toucan Sam choking on the cover and MSCHF in a font style similar to Kellogg’s. The product has been available to purchase for $19.99 on their company website since December 19, 2022, in limited quantity.

Unfortunately, Kellogg’s isn’t as happy with the big fruit loop as the fans of MSCHF are.

  • During the press release, Daniel Greenberg (Co-Founder of MSCHF) cleared that the product is more for displaying than consuming, which is why they don’t believe it is a competition to Kellogg’s original fruit loops. They have always wanted to experiment with breakfast items and decided to turn them into a single massive fruit loop.
Kellog's Fruit Loops VS Giant Fruit Loops
Image courtesy of MSCHF and Amazon

Kellogg’s response

The Big Fruit Loop looks identical to Kellogg’s fruit loops from the product down to the packaging. Kellogg’s believes that the product is against the morals of their company and has decided to sue MSCHF over copyright infringement.

  • MSCHF does not believe the product to be a breakfast alternative or any competition to the original product. However, co-founder Greenberg boosted that the Big Fruit Loop is created through extensive reverse engineering, making sure it is identical to the original in taste and texture.
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What are Giant Fruit Loops
Image courtesy of MSCHF

More about MSCHF

MSCHF Product Studio Inc. is an art collective selling company based in Brooklyn. It was launched in 2016 by the founder Gabriel Whaley. The company is famous for making notorious products taking a jab at cultural or social-economic instances.

  • The first product they released was called The Persistence of Chaos. It consisted of a single 2008 Windows laptop with 06 malware programs installed in it. The product was received very well in the collection society. After this, they released 86 more unique pieces that are equally chaotic and available through their website.

Famous Products

In 2019, the company released Puff the Sneaky Chicken; a rubber chicken doubled as a working Bong. In 2020, they released the project Severed Spots, wherein they bought Damien Hirst spot print for $30,000 and sold each spot individually for $480. Next, they released product 88 Holes and sold the punctured Hirst spot print for $261,400. Their latest product #86 was a mystery titled Blur $$$.

  • The chaotic company has been controversial for releasing Jesus Shoes with Holy Water in its soles and Nike Satan Shoes. According to MSCHF, the Satan Shoes were part of 666 editions with an inverted cross and a drop of human blood on its sole. Nike sued the company for spreading the false image of the company resulting in a restraining order against MSCHF.
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As for the Giant Fruit Loop, the company has left the opinions to its fans and consumers. What is your take on the Big Fruit Loop? Please share with us in the comments and follow Spiel Times for more latest updates about entertainment, gaming, and sports.

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