Fans are met with devastating news as Indian kickboxer Yora Tade dies. It was reported that he died after suffering a blow to the head during a national championship. 

He was in Chennai to compete in the Wako India Seniors National Kickboxing Championship. However, the 24-year-old was rushed to the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. According to the Daily News, the athlete was rushed after a “hard knock on his head” took him down during the final match of the National Kickboxing Championship.

He was given immediate first aid and taken to a hospital for emergency brain surgery but died two days later. He was the son of Yora Talik and Yora Tate, of Chimpu village. Tade’s body will be brought back to Itanagar after necessary formalities, including postmortem, are completed.

Photo courtesy of CBS News

In addition, Tade was the second Indian kickboxer to die. CBS News reported that Nikil Suresh, 23, died from a brain injury in July during a state tournament in Bangalore after being punched in the face by his opponent. Suresh’s father then filed a complaint against the event organizers, accusing them of “causing death due to negligence.”

Between 2007 and 2014, at least 12 MMA fighters and kickboxers died worldwide, either competing in bouts or preparing for them, according to a review by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Yora Tade was a mixed martial arts expert from Arunachal Pradesh who had qualified for the finals of the Indian edition of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations tournament.